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Revolutionizes agriculture award-winning, patented eco-friendly chelated fertilizers with a set of bio-stimulants, dramatically enchancing crop yeild and quality across a diverse range of plants, while maintaining organic farming standarts.

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NANOMIX GROUP is a manufacturer of very effective environmentally friendly nano complex chelated fertilizers with a set of bio-stimulants.
The use of NANOMIX nano fertilizers is suitable for cereals, legumes,oilseeds,
fruits, vegetables and pasture crops.

Our product has the richest and most fully bioavailable composition of any chelated microfertilizers available today.
It is easy to use and due to its increased bioavaiability, requires little application.

The importance of foliar feeding with nano
fertilizer NANOMIX

Foliar feeding NANOMIX is :
- assimilation of trace elements up to 90%
- effective development of crops;
- 100% supply of plants with a mix of the most important
microelements during the growing season
- effective regulation of growth processes by phases of development
- operational provision of crops with the NPK mix, which allows to reduse the doses of fertilizers applied to the soil by up to 79.9%
- a significant protective effect - up to 60% in comparison with plant
protection products, which allows to reduce the pesticide load by 1.5 times
- programming of qualitative indicators of a crop
- steady increase in the yield of agricultural crops and reduction of the ripening period.

What will the plant receive when applying the Nanomix complex chelate microfertilizer?
Our product has the richest and most fully bioavailable composition of any chelated microfertilizer available today.
It is easy to use and, due to its increased bioavailability, requires little application.
It contains:
-chelated forms of all trace elements (Fe, Mn, Cu, Co, Mo, B, Mg, Ca, S)
- natural "energetic" acids (succinic, malic, tartaric, grape, aspartic, oxalic, citric)
- acid derivatives (succinates, malates, tartrates, aspartates, oxalates, citrates)
- growth factors "Heliovector" and "Transfoliovector"
- 12 chelating agents
The full cycle of application consists in the treatment of seeds,
2-3 times the treatment of the plant in different periods of the growing season.

Nanomix nano fertilizer's production and usage have zero CO2 emissions. Micronutrient Nanomix represents an innovative chelating formula, enhancing micronutrient effectiveness.

In December 2020, the Government of Canada announced its Strengthened Climate Plan, "A Healthy Environment and a Healthy Economy." It includes a number of measures affecting the agriculture sector, with a goal to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and increase carbon sequestration. National target to reduce absolute levels of GHG emissions arising from fertilizer application by 30% below 2020 levels by 2030.
Agriculture was responsible for approximately 10% of Canada's GHG emissions in 2019, or 73 Mt CO2, which come from three main sources: enteric fermentation (24Mt), crop production (24Mt) , and on-farm fuel use (14Mt) (National Inventory Report, 2021.) Based on current data for 2019, emissions from synthetic fertilizers accounted for 12.75 Mt. While many players in the agriculture sector are already working to improve nutrient management and reduce emissions associated with crop production, fertilizers are responsible for a growing share of overall agricultural emissions.

Application of the Nanomix microfertilizers

Cereals delight farmers with good fertilization results, wheat and other common cereals are not particularly good at absorbing nutrients from the soil and do not tolerate drought and temperature fluctuations very well. The liquid microfertilizer contains a water-soluble complex of trace elements necessary for cereal crops in the form of chelated compounds. The fertilizer also contains natural energy acids and their derivatives in a biologically active form.
Nanomix promotes the most complete assimilation of the introduced nutrients.
Nanomix gives the plant all nutrients at a specific stage (autumn sowing, spring top dressing, etc.).
Nanomix is ​​extremely effective and economically beneficial.

An important role in the fertilization of leguminous crops belongs to microfertilizers, those
containing molybdenum, cobalt, boron, iron, manganese, zinc. They increase the resistance
of plants to diseases, drought, extreme temperatures, enhance nitrogen fixation from the
air, improve the synthesis of chlorophyll, and activate the process of photosynthesis. The need for microfertilizers in legumes increases with the increase in use of macrofertilizers.
Nanomix fertilizer can be used to obtain a high-quality crop of legumes when grown on various soils. When applying our fertilizer, the nutritional value increases significantly,
especially for protein.
Boron, manganese and molybdenum are essential elements for the growth and
development of oilseeds.
High efficiency and ease of use make Nanomix fertilizer indispensable.
A balanced ratio of chelate forms of boron, manganese and molybdenum
compatible with most plant protection products.
Trace elements in a plant-accessible form
stimulate the development of winter crops in autumn, which increases their frost and stress resistance,
improves fruit formation,
increases the yield and oil content of products.
To reap a rich harvest, it should be properly fertilized and fed. One of the most effective ways is foliar feeding. It acts as a "doctor" for the plant.
NANOMIX stimulates the growth and fruiting of vegetable, fruit and berry crops, accelerates
ripening, increases the number, average size and weight of fruits, increases overall and
especially early harvest.
In order for pastures to quickly
turn into vegetation, it is very
important to ensure the rapid
supply of magnesium, phosphorus,
boron, and molybdenum.
This allows for an increase in the
yield of hay.
and the protein content of the grass.
High-quality animal nutrition helps
to increase the nutritional value of
the products produced by them.
It should be noted that Nanomix
has a Swiss safety certificate and
is approved for use in
organic agriculture.

Nanomix for grain crops
Nanomix for legumes
For pasture
Nanomix for oilseeds
Nanomix for greenhouses

The importance of using NANOMIX nano fertilizers
Tilda Publishing
The exceptional importance of plant nutrition with microelements missing in the soil is undoubtedly recognized in world practice.
Trace elements, like vitamins, provide the most important metabolic processes - intracellular metabolism. Without them, enzymes are not formed, oxidative processes stop, photosynthesis is impossible, and so is the formation of sugary and protein substances. Life is impossible without them!
Selective analysis of soils shows that the content of some vital
microelements has decreased in recent years of land exploitation by tens or hundreds of times! Against this background, the effect of the use of traditional (NPK) macrofertilizers drops many times over.
The problem of declining land fertility has become a global threat.
The biomass of cultivated plants by 60-80% does not return to the cycle of substances in this landscape.
NANOMIX imroves soil fertility and also allows you to reduce the amount of traditional fertilizers (NPK) by 4-5 times.

Average yeild increase (documented)
Cotton up to 90%
Potatoes up to 50%
Triticale average 30%
Wheat average 29%
Rye average 29%
Barley average 28%
Rapeseed average 27%
Sunflower average 27%
Corn average 27%
Millet average 26%
Peas average 26%
Oats average 25%
Beet average 25%
Buckwheat average 24%
Watermelons average 24%
Soybeans average 23%

Our team
Our team of professionals brings over 40 years of experience, knowledge, and expertise in various aspects of agriculture. Our team consists of highly qualified specialists holding Master Degree's in the fields of nanotechnologies, agricultural industry, mechanical engineering and business.
By implementing our knowhow to nutrient soil conservation, organic matter enrichment, plant growth, and yield, we could be invaluable in optimizing farming practices and industry challenges in today's environment..
We are approved and supported by THRIVE by SVG VENTURES.
A Venture and Innovation platform advancing a more sustainable future for the food and agriculture industries.

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